Guidelines and Resources for Presenters and Facilitators


The annual meeting is IACRAO’s most important professional development activity during the year. The specific responsibilities of program participants are outlined below or you download a copy of the Guidelines for Presenters & Facilitators 2016.



  • Prepare visual aids and/or a sufficient supply of handouts (presenters are responsible for cost and production of handouts).
  • Bring a laptop and thumb drive with stored presentation.
  • Submit your PowerPoint presentation by October 10 to Jennifer Schwartz,, Immediate past President and Co-Chair of the Event Management Committee, to be posted on the IACRAO website.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in all presentation rooms.
  • Confirm the location of your session in the program upon arrival at the annual meeting.
  • Session presenters are welcome to use The Art of Collaboration IACRAO 2016 PowerPoint Template. You may need to save the file before it will open.

PRESENTERS ARE FACILITATORS TOO! No one is better able to facilitate your session than you so we have not assigned separate facilitators! 

  • Additional Session Evaluations will be available in your presenter packet that you receive at Registration for any attendees who do not have an evaluation with them.
  • As facilitator, it is critical that you collect evaluations. It has been helpful to have attendees pull out an evaluation and complete the Session information on the form BEFORE THE SESSION STARTS.
  • If you find that you might be otherwise engaged at the end of your session in conversation with colleagues, perhaps you could delegate to a colleague to collect the evaluations for you.

Before your session:

    • Check chairs, podium, AV equipment, etc. If there are problems, contact anyone on the IACRAO executive committee or Event Management Committee.
    • Encourage attendees to move to the front of the room or to the center of rows to assure all chairs are available and/or filled.
    • Distribute evaluation forms to the session attendees who need them and/or have attendees pull out an evaluation form and complete the session information at the top.
    • Announce the number and name of the session.
    • Introduce yourself with full name, title, institution.

At the conclusion of the session:

  • Thank everyone for attending and end the session on time.
  • Leave time for attendees to complete an evaluation form; record number of attendees on envelope; have someone at the door with the envelope to collect evaluations.
  • Collect evaluation forms and return them to the evaluation box located at the Registration table.

Consider a poster session:

*Merriam-Webster defines a poster sessions as a presentation of information on a series of posters that may include drawings, photographs, charts, graphs, and textual data relating to a specific subject.  Here is an informative website with more details regarding strategies for creating and examples of successful poster sessions.