IACRAO Communication is done via the IACRAO mailing list:  If you are not currently a member join now, by following the instructions below:

1. TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAIL LIST, send an email to Click the link provided then click SEND without altering the content or format of the email. Please keep in mind that the IACRAO mail list is available only for IACRAO members and your subscription will be reviewed prior to your being added to the list.

2. TO SEND A MESSAGE TO EVERYONE ON THE MAIL LIST, simply create an email message (as you would usually do) addressed to: (Please note that this is a different address than the one you would use to subscribe or unsubscribe. This address should ONLY be used to send messages out to every member of the mail list.)

3. TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THE MAIL LIST, send an email message to Clicking the link provided, will generate an email message with the needed information; then click SEND without altering the content or format of the email. Your subscription will be removed.

History & Purpose of the IACRAO mail list– In early June 1997, the official IACRAO listserv was brought on-line with over 300 members. The purpose of our mail list is to give IACRAO members an easy, fast, and efficient method with which to share ideas and information.

Mail List Policy – The IACRAO mail list is available only for members of the Indiana Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Non-members who show an interest may also be accepted to join the IACRAO mail list, but this will be handled through IACRAO on a person-by-person basis.

Discussions which are not related to IACRAO or related issues are generally not appropriate. Profanity and personal attacks, or ‘flaming’, have no place on the IACRAO mail list and will not be tolerated. Anyone can have a bad day, so please do not use the list to vent frustration or anger. The list moderator will take any appropriate actions, including warnings, to prevent inappropriate communications on this mail list.

Information & Operation – An internet mail list is a method for many people to communicate easily via email. When an email message is sent to the mail list, our software will automatically forward that message to all the other members. Members may reply to that message, either back to the entire mailing list, or just to the person who sent the message.

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