Distinguished Service Award

Nominations now being accepted for the IACRAO Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form

Distinguished Service Award – In 1976 the IACRAO Executive Committee established the IACRAO Distinguished Service Award to be ‚Äúpresented by the Executive Committee to an active IACRAO member who has made outstanding contributions in professional service to IACRAO, AACRAO and the field of higher education in general”.
Year Recipient College or University
1976 Nelson M. Parkhurst Purdue University
1976 Richard D. Rowray Ball State University
1976 M. D. Scherer Indiana University
1976 Sr. M. Rachel Schulte, OSF Marian College
1978 Richard L. Sullivan University of Notre Dame
1980 Lavona L. Godsey Earlham Gollege
1980 Robert W. McClew Hanover College
1982 William J. Murray Purdue University
1984 Robert H. Paine Manchester College
1986 Wilmer D. Lawrence University of Indianapolis
1987 Leo M. Corbaci University of Notre Dame
1988 Barbara Hansen
Betty M. Suddarth
Purdue University
Purdue University
1989 Phillip A. Kennell Indiana U./Purdue U. – Fort Wayne
1990 Elenor Ypma DePauw University
1991 John C. Krivacs Indiana U./Purdue U. – Indianapolis
1992 Thomas N. Gunderson Purdue University
1993 Mark T. Weigand University of Indianapolis
1995 Mark C. Grove
Sondrea Ozolins
Indiana U./Purdue U. – Indianapolis
Butler University
1997 Thomas A. May Indiana U./Purdue U. – Indianapolis
1998 A. Lon Lawson Purdue University Calumet
2000 Lora Spaulding University of Notre Dame
2001 Thomas Bilger Ball State University
2003 Lois Hathaway (posthumously) Indiana University – Kokomo
2004 Suzanne Bates DePauw University
2007 Lorraine Kitchner Saint Mary’s College
2008 Dennis Hicks Indiana University East
2009 Lila Hammer Manchester College
2010 Patrick McLaughlin Indiana U./Purdue U. – Fort Wayne
2012 Jack Hill Marian University
2013 June Wildman DePauw University

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