75th Annual IACRAO Meeting Presentations


Session Presentation Presenter Presenter
1.1 How to Help Transfer Students Reach Success
1.2 Project Management in the Registrar’s Office April Hay
1.3 MOOCS – Then, Now and What’s Next? Mark McConahay
1.4 Admissions Director + Registrar: Optimizing Enrollment Management & Student Success Chris Foley Mary Beth Myers
2.1 Managing Course and Program Changes Cindy Otts
2.2 Recipe for Success???..Student Success That is Kim Lewis
2.3 How Do We Know You Are Who You Say? Mark McConahay Mary Beth Myers
2.4 Who Moved My Cheese? Enrollment Challenges and Opportunities Stuart Jones
3.1 CourseLeaf creates a catalog that is a “most visited” resource for students! Leepfrog – Joanie Shafer
3.2 Innovation. Automation. Optimization. Service: Your Transcript Processing Partner Credentials Solutions – Jack Weber
3.3 Conversation with the National Student Clearinghouse National Student Clearinghouse – Nancy Penna
3.4 Diplomas on Demand – Your In-House Diploma Printing Solution Scrip-Safe – Liz Wright
5.1 Legislative Session and Discussion for Public Institutions
5.2 Legislative Session and Discussion for Private Institutions
7.1 Student Service and Diversity
7.2 New But Not New: Starting a Second (or Third, or Fourth) Career in Higher Education Josh Hayes
7.3 Degree Audit Implementation: We Have it! But Where Do We Go From Here? Edwin Welch
7.4 Understanding an Online/For-Profit Institution  Jeannie Taylor
8.1 Navigating the Jargon Jungle
8.2 TBD
8.3 Educating the Campus Community about FERPA

Dennis Hicks
8.4 How Do We Know You Are Who You Say? Mark McConahay Mary Beth Myers