Past Presidents

IACRAO’s Past Presidents

Year           President                                                       College or University
1940-41     Thomas A. Cookso                                       Indiana University
1942           Harry Elder                                                   Indiana State Teachers College
1943           Veneta J. Kunter                                          DePauw University
1944           Opel Thornburg                                            Earlham College
1945           Rev. James W. Connerston, CSC               University of Notre Dame
1946           Paul Bender                                                  Goshen College
1947           Virfsel Roe                                                     Franklin College
1948           Charles E. Harrell                                         Indiana University
1949           Ruth S. Deming                                             Butler University
1950           Clarence E. Dammon                                   Purdue University
1951            Maxine Domer                                             Manchester College
1952           George McCoy                                              University of Evansville
1953           C.R. Maxam                                                   Butler University
1954           Louise (Johnson) Wilber                              Anderson College
1955           J.G. Lee Rose                                                 Polytechnic Institute
1956           Willima H. Strain                                           Indiana University
1957            Sr. M. Rachel Schulte, OSF                         Marian College
1958           Leo M. Hauptman                                         Ball State University
1959           Robert S. Harvey                                          Wabash College
1960           Nelson M. Parkhurst                                    Purdue University
1961           Value Williams                                               DePauw University
1962           Davic C. Naile                                                 Franklin College
1963           M.D. Scherer                                                  Indiana University
1964           E. Sterl Phinney                                            Taylor University
1965           Richard D. Rowray                                        Ball State University
1966           Robert D. McClew                                         Hanover College
1967           James H. Ringer                                            Indiana State University
1968           Paul E. Thune                                                Valparaiso University
1969           Leo M. Corbaci                                              University of Notre Dame
1970           J. Glenn Radcliffe                                          Tri-State University
1971           Bruce T. Shutt                                               Indiana University
1972          Al. K. Meerzo                                                  Purdue University
1973          James R. Nelson                                             Indiana State
1974          E. Stanley Banker                                          Taylor University
Richard J. Sullivan                                         University of Notre Dame
1975           Richard J. Sullivan                                         University of Notre Dame
1976           Neil Lantz                                                        IUPUI – Indianapolis
1977           Lavona L. Godsey                                           Earlham College
1978           William J. Murray                                          Purdue University
1979           Robert H. Paine                                              Manchester College
1980           James P. Schellhammer                                IU – Bloomington
1981           A. Lon Lawson                                                 Purdue University – Calumet
1982          Barbara Hansen                                               Purdue University
1983          Wilmer Lawrence                                            Indiana Central University
1984           Eleanor Ypma                                                 DePauw University
1985          John C. Krivacs                                                IUPUI – Indianapolis
1986          Betty M. Suddarth                                          Purdue University
1987          Phillip A. Kennell                                             IUPUI – Ft. Wayne
1988          Louis W. Harmening                                       Rose Hulman Institute
1989         Stephen M. Simonds                                        Vincennes University
1990         Daniel H. Winicur                                             University of Notre Dame
1991          Mark T. Weigand                                             University of Indianapolis
1992          Ann F. Trost                                                     Valparaiso University
1993          Thomas A. Bilger                                              Ball State University
1994          Carol Isaacs                                                       IUPUI – Ft. Wayne
1995          David Konzelman                                             Purdue University
1995          Lois Hathaway                                                  Indiana University – Kokomo
1996          Lois Hathaway                                                  Indiana University – Kokomo
1997           Ron Henry                                                        Grace College
1998          Lora Spaulding                                                 University of Notre Dame
1999          David Campbell                                                Indiana University – SE
2000         Thomas Gunderson                                         Purdue University
2001         Suzanne Bates                                                   DePauw University
2002         Arthur Leak                                                      Anderson University
2003         Susan Montgomery                                         IUPUI- Columbus
2004         Lila Hammer                                                    Manchester College
2005         Stella Anderson                                               IUPUI – Indianapolis
2006        Jack Hill                                                             Marian College
2007        Dennis Hicks                                                     Indiana University East
2008        Patrick McLaughlin                                         IUPUI – Fort Wayne
2009        Chuck Hurley                                                   University of Notre Dame
2010        Susie Blizard                                                     IUPUI – Columbus
2011        June Wildman                                                   Depauw University
2012       Bob Kubat                                                           Purdue University
2013       Ken Prince                                                          Hanover College
2014       Mary Beth Myers                                              IUPUI- Indianapolis
2015       Jennifer Schwartz                                             Marian University