2016 Conference Presentations

Monday, October 17, 2016

10:00AM-5:00PM                      Registration                    The Alexander Hotel

Representatives from Riley’s Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House will be on hand to collect donations for their important organizations.   And don’t forget – in addition to bringing needed support to children and families, your donations will also enter you in our raffle for one of two prizes.


1:00-1:20 PM                            Welcome & Introductions              Alexander 2

Lesa Beals, President/ Lisa Scully, Program Chair/ Jenn Schwartz, Event Co-Chair


1:20-1:55 PM                            Keynote                                       Alexander 2

Increasing Higher Education’s Value for Students and the State

Guest Speaker: Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education

The facts are indisputable:  higher education is more important than ever.  Partnering with colleges and universities, the Commission for Higher Education is working to increase college value for students and the state by providing comprehensive and timely information and promoting guided pathways to student success.


2:00-2:50 PM                            Session 1.1                                  Alexander 2
Private Institution Round Table                                                 Ken Prince, Hanover

What specific challenges do the private institutions face?  How do you respond to the state-mandated requirements that affect the public institutions?  Has your school’s mission changed in reaction to external forces that affect the field of education?  Bring your topics – including challenges and successes – to discuss at this session.


2:00-2:50 PM                            Session 1.2                                       Irish Hill

Proprietary Institution Round Table                                             Kate Robison, American College of Education

Come with questions, concerns, or topics of interest to discuss with colleagues from Indiana proprietary institutions.


2:00-2:50 PM                            Session 1.3                           Fletcher Place 1

Public Institution Round Table                                            April Hay, ISU

Join this round table to garner what other colleagues in public institutions are working on, struggling with, proud to share, etc.  Some topics include:
• Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commissioner of Higher Education will also spend a little time with us to answer any questions.
• Online Authentication: Who’s doing it? How are you doing it?
• FLSA Implications: How has the new Fair Labor Stands Act impacted your employees?  Your office structure? Morale?
• Graduation: Do you require students to apply to graduate?  Have you made recent changes to your process/ procedures/policies to assist with degree completion?
• Advancement having access to student/parent information: What does your institution allow?


3:10-4:00 PM                            Session 2.1                                  Alexander 2

Communicating Despite FERPA                                                 Rochelle Jones, Notre Dame

This session will provide a general overview of FERPA including current information from the Department of Education.  After a review of the materials, members of the audience will be selected to participate in a fun interactive Game Show utilizing the material covered in the session.


3:10-4:00 PM                            Session 2.2                                       Irish Hill

International Credential Evaluation – The Basics                      Chris Adams & Andrew Goss, IU
Increasingly dispersed transnational flow of students, coupled with the rapid evolution of education systems world-wide, make the work of our international credential evaluators both exciting and challenging.  For many institutions whose strategic enrollment management goals include sustained or increased enrollment of international students, the role of international credential evaluators (ICEs) has never been more important.  Our team of ICEs at Indiana University – Bloomington reviews academic credentials for students at all educational levels across the campus and throughout the state of Indiana.  This session aims to provide those professionals new to the field with a brief overview of the core concepts of international credential evaluation, along with the tools and resources necessary to maintain consistency in terms of student equity and fairness across an increasingly diverse student population



3:10-4:00 PM                            Session 2.3                           Fletcher Place 1
Registrar/Financial Aid Partnership                                Lesa Beals & Joel Wenger, Purdue

In summer 2010, Department of Education conducted a program review at Purdue. After two weeks of meetings in person with the auditors and the remainder of the summer with follow ups, we ended with a clean review but an expectation to resolve course participation in a more efficient and effective manner.

Vendors had no solution of which to speak.  No one in the U.S. had a reasonable solution per the Department so they challenged Purdue to set the model. With support from the Provost there was collaboration with financial aid, registrar, internal audit, and student systems which resulted in a solution that was rolled out in Spring 2011. We will share our journey from the program review, figuring out what the solution should look like, along with our development, implementation, continued review, and enhancements.


3:10-4:00 PM                            Session 2.4                           Fletcher Place 2
Rockin’ the Pre-Enrollment Process                                    Ethan Bernhardt, IU

This summer IU implemented a pre-enrollment pilot program for incoming freshmen.  Using tools developed locally (Registrar and Undergrad Ed), ~3000 students were designated, assigned to a class, and enrolled.  The designation tool (MS Access) provided student context and a means to create subgroups.  Each subgroup was serially packaged and fed into the assignment tool to build a conflict free schedule for the students, and then fed into SIS to complete registration.  An overview will be provided along with plans for next year.


4:05-4:55 PM                            Session 3.1                                  Alexander 2

The Faculty Perspective                                                               April Hay, ISU, facilitator

Faculty Guest Panelists:  Dr. Robert Guell, ISU, and Dr. Marcos Fernandez, Purdue

Purdue’s Dr. Marcos Fernandez, Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs in the College of Agriculture, and Dr. Robert Guell, Professor of Economics and Interim Chair of Social Work at Indiana State University will discuss faculty/registrar expectations/collaborations.  Join this session to gain a firsthand account of how some of your colleagues have positively fostered relationships across campus and lessons learned when things didn’t go as well as expected.


4:05-4:55 PM                            Session 3.2                                                                  Irish Hill

Get Involved in IACRAO!       Past and Present Committee Members               Liz Rosencrantz, Notre Dame, facilitator

You do so much for your university and colleagues, but when do you take time for your own professional development?  Attending this conference is a wonderful step towards recharging your professional batteries, but there’s no need to let that growth end once you return to campus.  IACRAO provides a ready source of support for its membership, and is always welcoming new voices at the table.   Come talk with people who have served the association in various capacities; consider lending your voice to the IACRAO choir.


4:05-4:55 PM                            Session 3.4                           Fletcher Place 1

Combining Tech Resources in Student Affairs              Adam Gross & Jessica Strunk, Ivy Tech BL
Technology continues to be a vital part of the current Higher Education landscape.  From recruitment, through retention, and on to graduation new technology models are used at every stage.  How we use this technology and tailor it to your individual campus is an important function of our roles and responsibilities.  Topics covered will include implementing a CRM in recruitment, tailoring a student sign-in desk to your enrollment center model, collecting and analyzing data in retention efforts, and tracking advising appointments


4:05-4:55 PM                            Session 3.5                           Fletcher Place 2

Join The Transcript Revolution!!

Sponsored Session:  Nancy Penna, National Student Clearinghouse

Don’t let the electronic transcript revolution happen without you.  Join your colleagues and peers across the country (nearly 900 schools) who are using the National Student Clearinghouse’s Transcript Services.  We have solutions for schools of all sizes and information systems.  And, if you happen to be an Ellucian school, you have access to full automation/integration.  Nearly 200 schools are already active with “eTranscripts.”   Implementations can be done in as little as 2 weeks…at no cost to your college!



Tuesday, October 18, 2016

8:00-9:20 AM                            Session 4.1                                 Alexander 2

Identity Management in an Online Environment                 Jeannie Taylor & Kate Robison, ACE

From an increasing online presence at traditional schools to schools that have a completely remote learning environment, it is becoming more difficult to navigate identity verification for applicants and students.  Ensuring that the person applying to your institution is who they say they are requires some diligence during each step of the enrollment process.  American College of Education has developed checks throughout the application and enrollment process, as well as day-to-day communication, to help properly identify a student and to help minimize the strain that comes with proving who you are when no one can see you.


8:40-9:20 AM                            Session 4.2                                       Irish Hill

Who’s Your Voice? Developing & Integrating Current Students to Create a 1st-Class Recruitment Program               

David Bowker & Amy Glenn, Purdue

Future students are looking for a genuine and personalized experience from marketing to visits in their college search. Creating this type of experience can be overwhelming no matter what the size your institution. Purdue’s Office of Future Engineers (OFE) is responsible for the recruitment of its 8,600 undergraduate engineering students, engages in over 330 events a year, and sees over 30,000 visitors each year.  Learn how OFE is changing the face of recruiting by utilizing current undergraduate students to advance and lead personalized first-class recruitment strategies, programs, social media, marketing, videos and visits while contributing to current student retention success though its leadership and professional development program. This session is sure to be fun and informative!


8:40-9:20 AM                            Session 4.3                                    Fletcher 1

Change is Our Constant                                                                  Cindy Otts, ISU

We registrar types used to be (and maybe still are) stereotyped as conventional and unwilling to change.  Anyone who thinks that should swap jobs with us for a day!  Change is constant in our profession.  We strive to meet demands of students, faculty, administrators, legislators, and governing bodies.  It’s a tough job, but “someone” (who, me?) has to do it!  We will share experiences with change and change management, and discuss techniques for managing change within our offices and institutions.


8:40-9:20 AM                            Session 4.4                           Fletcher Place 2

Growing with the Federal Regulations                              Jennie Brackett, Notre Dame

This session will discuss growing and changing processes at your institution based on important interpretations of federal regulations.  Topics will include end-of-term date and separation processes.  We will discuss how we have changed our processes to align with what federal expectations.


9:25-10:15 AM                          Session 5.1                                  Alexander 2

Indiana Commission for Higher Education State Updates

Guest Speakers: Jillian Scholten, Dir of Acad Affairs/Dawn Clark, Asst Dir of Academic Affairs, ICHE

This session will provide an overview and updates about the Core Transfer Library.  It will also include a brief overview of the STGEC, first and second round TSAPS, Dual Credit, and the Multi-State Collaborative on Military Credit.


9:25-10:15 AM                          Session 5.2                                       Irish Hill

Going Paperless                                                                                 Dawn Templeton & Paul Ullrich, Notre Dame

We will discuss our process to go paperless, collect signatures electronically, and how we gathered buy-in.  You’ll hear how it affected campus departments and how it has grown by constituent demand.  We’ll address political and technical challenges we faced building a custom application.


9:25-10:15 AM                          Session 5.3                                    Fletcher 1

Utilizing ‘Big Data’ Analytics for Student Success                 Guest Speaker: Brent Drake, Purdue

As we become a greater digital society we create an ever-growing source of petabytes of data about ourselves.  Machine-learning algorithms allow institutions to examine the vast amounts of ‘big data’ for insights about how our students are engaging with campus. This presentation will focus on how Purdue is utilizing these new practices to aid student success on its West Lafayette campus.  It will focus on the data sources, infrastructure, analytics, privacy discussions, and end-user applications occurring at Purdue.


9:25-10:15 AM                          Session 5.4                                    Fletcher 2

Time to Go Digital!                    Cathy O’Bryan & Mike Szakaly, IU

Students today are increasingly using digital communication and self-help resources in place of traditional face-to-face or even phone-based service conversations.  Communication is an essential part of the recruitment, admission, and enrollment process.  Reaching students using their preferred communication modes is critical and their preferences are evolving rapidly.  Leveraging automation, knowledge management, and customer relationship management systems with digital communication can be the solution!


~~ Session 6 is comprised of exhibits, demonstrations, & one-on-one discussions. ~~


10:35-10:55 AM                        Session 6.1                                    Fletcher 1

Put Your Request in Our CART                                                   Carissa Bullman & Ethan Bernhardt, IU

Learn how Indiana University Bloomington utilizes a single campus request system to increase update accuracy, improve staff efficiency, simplify archiving/research, and become a virtually paperless Registrar’s office.


10:35-10:55 AM                        Session 6.2                                    Fletcher 1

Social Media in Online Education                                                Kate Robison & Jeannie Taylor, ACE

Come visit American College of Education during the poster session to speak with representatives about social media in education and how it has improved interest and enrollment at ACE.  A strong media presence today is an important marketing tool!


10:35-10:55 AM                        Session 6.3                                    Fletcher 1

Digital Badges                                                                                  Kimberly Watley, Purdue

Digital badges is a training session that we are using to train advisors and staff on the system rather than a face-to-face meeting.  We use brief videos to train on specific Banner applications as well as other necessary tools.  Quizzes are taken after the training and a badge is awarded to the individual if they pass.  These can be reviewed again is necessary.


10:35-10:55 AM                        Session 6.4                                    Fletcher 2

Photographs & Memories: Artifacts from Indiana ACRAO’s History        Ken Prince, Hanover

Our organization has a firm foundation rooted in its long history.  See some of the artifacts – memos, newsletters, conference programs, etc. – that represent the hard work of our colleagues to make this organization so strong.


10:35-10:55 AM                        Session 6.5                              Fletcher 2

Quick Wins with Google Docs                                                 Shonda Cheever, Josh Hayes & Molly Martz, Butler

Learn how to leverage Google Drive’s interactive features to aid in gathering information for Registration and Records processes.


10:35-10:55 AM                        Session 6.6                              Fletcher 2

Virtual Reality Campus Tours and More!                           Krista Timney, IU

Indiana University Bloomington has been offering prospective students the chance to visit campus any time through an online virtual tour. However, this spring, a new pilot initiative provided students with a Google Cardboard mailing and a special app with a 360-degree, virtual reality campus tour. Come check out the virtual reality tour, learn about our next VR project (launching Spring 2017!), and hear about some of our other yield efforts.


1:15-2:05 PM                            Session 7.1                                  Alexander 2

The Paper Trail Ends Here: Indiana State University’s Paperless Curriculum and Catalog Successes                              

Sponsored Session:  Cindy Otts, ISU and Jake Morrow, DIGARC

Cindy Otts from Indiana State University will share how the University conquered an outdated paper-based curriculum approval and catalog process by implementing Curriculog and Acalog. Learn where Indiana State University started, where they are now, and where Acalog and Curriculog will take them in the future.


1:15-2:05 PM                            Session 7.2                                       Irish Hill

Pathway to Purdue: An Agriculture Student’s Journey          Anneliese Beswick & Kay Schwartz, Purdue

Purdue University College of Agriculture and Ivy Tech Community College-Lafayette have a co-enrollment transfer program that allows students to attend Ivy Tech full time and complete their general education requirements while concurrently attending Purdue University as a non-degree student to take additional coursework in Agriculture.  Students enrolled in Pathway to Purdue are able to work toward achievement of both an Associate of Science degree (Ivy Tech) and a Bachelor of Science degree (Purdue) simultaneously.  This arrangement allows students to benefit from the best of both campuses, including living on Purdue’s campus and receiving high quality advising and instruction from Purdue and Ivy Tech. Come learn more about the program and how it has improved since its inception in 2010.  Welcome other 2+2 arrangements to attend to participate in the discussion.


1:15-2:05 PM                            Session 7.3                           Fletcher Place 1

Marian’s Collaborating Customer Service                      Claire Humphrey, Jennifer Schwartz & Alice Shelton, Marian

Over the past three years, the service offices of Marian University have collaborated together to implement a customer service experience with the ‘one stop shop’ idea in mind, without having a ‘one stop shop.’ The Knight Quest program has forced students to take care of their student business before starting classes, and our service offices are doing less “chasing” than ever before! Our collaborative work and administrative support have helped us reach success through Knight Quest.


1:15-2:05 PM                            Session 7.4                           Fletcher Place 2

Enhance Student Scheduling: Why Finding the Perfect Schedule is a Necessity, Not a Luxury                                                                                                                    

Sponsored Session:  Joe Jolesch, College Scheduler

With work, sports, family, a commute and up to 5 courses, students are juggling many responsibilities and creating a class schedule can be extremely challenging.  See how College Scheduler replaces this frustrating process by automatically generating conflict-free schedules that maximize credit hours, while accommodating life’s obligations. Discover how over 200 institutions are improving persistence and on-time degree completion by empowering students to easily find ideal schedules. Enhance registration services by leveraging rich administrative functionality that optimizes advising services, the master schedule, and course fill rates.


2:10-3:00 PM                            Session 8.1                                  Alexander 2

Banner Round Table                                                                     April Hay, ISU, moderator

This round table is to gather those institutions who work with Ellucian’s Banner ERP.  This session is intended to identify who is a Banner user and collectively share their successes and struggles.  From training to XE implementation, we hope to identify how other institutions are utilizing Banner.  Maybe the person next to you will have the solution you are looking for!  Please come ready to share.


2:10-3:00 PM                            Session 8.2                                  Irish Hill

Ellucian Colleague Round Table                                                 Miriam Foster, Wabash, moderator

Come ready to ask questions and compare notes.


2:10-3:00 PM                            Session 8.3                                  Fletcher Place 1

PeopleSoft Round Table                                                                Josh Hayes, Butler, moderator

Join your colleagues from other PeopleSoft institutions for a participant-driven round table session.  Come prepared to discuss issues you face on your campus and to share your PeopleSoft expertise with your IACRAO colleagues.


2:10-3:00 PM                            Session 8.4                                             Fletcher Place 2

It’s Easy as ABC: Collaboration Leads to Seamless Transfer          Kayla Miller & Stephanie Tinkel, IU-Kokomo

A partnership between Indiana University Kokomo and Ivy Tech Community College represents the proven formula in higher education that students who earn an associate degree are much more likely to go on to earn their bachelor’s degree. Guaranteed admission, personalized transfer advising, and scholarship opportunities incentivize the completion of the associate degree prior to transfer. This presentation aims to highlight the unique relationship between two institutions to promote student success and on-time degree completion.


3:15-4:25 PM                            Closing Plenary                           Alexander 2

AACRAO Update & Some Reflections on Leadership

Guest Speaker: Brad Myers, AACRAO Past-President, University Registrar, The Ohio State University

Join the final session as Brad Myers, former AACRAO President, highlights some of AACRAO’s activities, legislative priorities in Washington, and provides some thoughts about leadership before we head home.